Cosmos & Cardano: A New Era of Interoperability

Aug 2, 2022 | Cosmos EcoSystem

SifChain Finance: Cosmos & Cardano: A New Era of Interoperability

Sifchain is applying for a grant to connect Cardano to the Cosmos ecosystem through our Peggy 2.0 bridge. Peggy 2.0 will be our latest advancement in cross-chain bridge technology and would serve as the seminal bridge deployment between Cosmos and Cardano (via its EVM-compatible layer).

The Cosmos-Cardano bridge powered by Peggy 2.0 and Sifchain will deliver never-before-seen network effects that will scale the reach and adoption of both families of blockchains.

Connecting Cosmos & Cardano

Cosmos and Cardano share common goals around research-backed development, community-driven applications, and global accessibility of blockchain-based solutions, with interoperability at heart.

The Peggy 2.0 bridge will unlock new cross-chain opportunities between these two ecosystems and offer new solutions to existing problems such as access to decentralised governance protocols for growth, new liquidity markets, token-based economies, and much more. In addition, the productive interaction between the vibrant communities of each side, Cosmonauts and the Cardano Community, holds the potential to set new and innovative socioeconomic relations and even cross-chain standards for better interoperability.

Interoperability & Mutual Expansion

One of the core tenets of Cosmos is interoperability and as such, it is popularly dubbed the ‘internet of blockchains’ in the cryptocurrency community. To that end, Cosmos-native chains have the inherent functionality to utilize the Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC) system that allows for seamless asset transfers and data messaging between IBC enabled chains.

A bridge that connects Cardano’s EVM-compatible layers to Cosmos effectively connects said EVM environment to an enormous ecosystem of chains, dApps, assets, and utilities.

A clear commonality between the Cardano and Cosmos worlds is their commitment to eco-friendly and efficient methods to secure their networks through the use Proof-of-Stake technology. With that said, the Cosmos ecosystem would benefit from a connection to Cardano in many ways.

The Cardano community is well-known as one of the most active, vibrant, and committed communities in the cryptocurrency space. Their on-chain organizational and governance structures are well-established and continuously evolving with a focus on providing decentralised tools, solutions, and opportunities that are accessible to millions of people across the globe.

With a Cosmos <> Cardano bridge, more projects from Cosmos could propose ideas and qualify for funding assistance via this governance on Cardano. This helps solve major problems for many Cosmos projects, namely the cost of development and the lack of similar governance and open-access funding structures in the Cosmos ecosystem.

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by: Wilmina Dela Pena



Serokell is a software research and development company, focused on high complexity tasks in the area of computer science.
Our team is composed of developers, designers, engineers, computer scientists, and mathematicians, all to help you realize your vision.
We use functional programming to write robust code that works anywhere, anytime.

Initially, we worked with StakerDAO to implement the STKR governance token a monitoring app on Tezos. After that, we moved to BLND token and implemented a set of Ethereum contracts for holding BLND and performing buyback with them.

We also implemented a web app to run the buyback process.

After that, we designed and implemented the Bridge application and associated set of contracts that allow exchanging BLND and wXTZ tokens between Ethereum and Tezos.
We are working on Bridge backend support for ALgorand now.

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Contract development (Ethereum, Tezos)
Web application development
Development of applications interacting with Tezos, Ethereum and Algorand blockchains.

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Rand Labs is a blockchain development lab specialized in Algorand technology.

At Rand Labs we have developed specialized expertise in blockchain technology. Through 8 years of experience, we have worked closely with all major blockchain protocols and have garnered valuable experience in the industry that helps us deliver the maximum quality in our products and those of our partners.

We spend years training and advancing our team members' skills by facing ever more complex technical challenges in the blockchain space. Having helped and participated in the development of many of the most popular blockchain products in the world since 2013, we are in the capacity to deliver quality solutions regardless of the difficulty of the problem.

Despite having built numerous blockchain products and consensus upgrades from scratch, we believe a business-oriented acumen is as important in delivering maximum product-market fit. With our long history in the industry, we have developed a valuable network of relationships that is available to our partners. Additionally, The Rand Labs management team has been very active as investors and advisors in the space. We have invested in and advised very successful projects. As important, we have seen many projects fail which allowed us to learn valuable insights from those failures.

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Rand Labs has always been a fully remote company, way before the impacts created by COVID. We believe this has allowed our company to operate completely crypto native, including payroll, corporate structure, and revenue. We feel that by operating this way, every individual in our team is positioned to deliver the best products and solutions of this industry.

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Staker Services provides technical, business and operation services for the cross-chain era. The Operations team specialised in the DeFi ecosystem, with experience in launching products across chains - from Ethereum to Tezos, Algorand, Polkadot and more.




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"ChainSafe Systems is a blockchain research & development firm with a focus on building infrastructure for Web3. We are actively contributing to the Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Cosmos, Polkadot, and Filecoin ecosystems and are open to contributing to other Web3 ecosystems where we see merit. Feel free to visit our website or email [email protected] with any inquiries.”




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